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National Dialogue file

Thursday - Jan 09, 2014- Issue 04


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Traffic accidents continues to kill

By Fares Anam

within the first two months of 2013 over 400 Yemenis were killed in different road accidents.
Statistics of the Interior Ministry said that 213 people of different ages were killed in accidents and 982
others were injured during the month of February.
Traffic accidents killed 214 people in January doubling the victims’ number to 427 in only two months. It is a
number which exceeds the number of victims from wars against militant groups in the southern and northern
parts of the country.
An Interior Ministry’s report published by the Yemeni Security Information Center pointed out that last month
witnessed 720 accidents all over Yemeni Provinces’ roads.
The incidents were distributed between 350 car collusion, resulting in 65 deaths and 500 wounded . There
were also 250 pedestrian ran over, in which 74 died and 205 were injured. 111 cars’ flip over causing
the deaths of 68 people and wounding 271. 6 others were killed and 6 were wounded while falling from
According to the interior Ministry, the material losses in this month resulting from accidents amounted to
126million YR and the losses of last month were 115million YR, bringing the overall Yemeni material loss
from these accidents to 241million YR.

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